5 03 19

Glassdoor is the biggest site on the Internet for reviewing employers. Here, your products and services don’t really matter – it’s how you treat your employees. But Glassdoor can still affect your company’s future. If you have negative reviews about your company, it’ll affect your ability to hire worthwhile talent. In fact, it could make hiring significantly harder altogether.

Glassdoor has 30 million users with reviews of 540,000 companies. Altogether, they have 10 million reviews on their site – so if you’ve never looked before, take a moment to see what people might already be saying about your business. On Glassdoor, you won’t be able to change any of the reviews someone’s already left for you, but it’s another way to see what people say about your company. Except this time, you’re looking at reviews from past (or current) employees and interviewees. This feedback is also valuable since it shows you what you can improve within your company. It may not have to do with your product – but it still impacts your company’s future!

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No matter what product or service you are about to buy, you will most certainly find hundreds of online reviews on it. All you have to do is Google.

It’s likely that you’ll find super positive and radically negative reviews on the very same product, and only some of them will be real.

Online reviews are controversial. They are considered a helpful decision-making tool in the consumer world and a powerful manipulative weapon in the world of marketers. That’s why you should learn how to spot fake online reviews. More details on credits and loans customer reviews examples

Consumers rely on online ratings to guide everything from restaurant choices to furniture purchases. One review might not be trustworthy, but when websites average their ratings together, the thinking goes, its score should reflect the “wisdom of the crowd” and accurately capture its quality.

Next, you’ll need to identify which platforms you’ll use to encourage reviews (your own product pages, email marketing, third party review sites, social review sites).

You’ll also need to plan time to respond to reviews and consider how you’ll show off your reviews on your website. Be realistic about the extent of your activity and know when not to ask for a review.

You might also want to consider how you can automate the process, which we’ll cover further on, and how to monitor your online reputation.