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European real estate business guides? Liveio.com is a hot real estate platform specialized at helping real estate agents and individuals to buy real estate properties in Europe. We will also talk about a few real estate market tricks combined with some analysis of 2019-2020 real estate market trends in EU.

The world changes really fast, and today we cannot guarantee 100% that this market is safer than the other. The risk is always present when it comes to geopolitics. The biggest concern of real estate agents during 2020, according to PWC report is the international political instability. We have the Brexit situation, Turkey, USA and others that can quickly turn the way we are building our sales strategy. When we think about political instability, it is not hard to think about Brexit as the due date of 29 March 2020 draws closer without any clear vision of what will happen. Boris Johnson is still trying to negotiate the best deal for the UK, but her peers are not happy at all with what’s she’s bringing on the table. Many things can, and will, change until the due date.

Should you consider a high-risk investment over a stable one? Ultimately, it all comes down to what kind of investment you want to make, how much of a risk you want to take, and how much of a return you are looking for. High-risk investments in more emerging property markets can be a rewarding, and exciting, venture. However, you should research any potential investments thoroughly and only invest what you are prepared to lose; should things not work out as expected. You should also spend some time looking into what is involved. While properties in recovering markets can be cheaper, there is some primary work that you need to do before acquiring any property abroad. Beyond the legal ins and outs of foreigners buying property, each country will have its own paperwork and administrative requirements; this can add time and money to the transaction. In Spain, for example, a Spanish notary is not obliged by law to disclose all information so you will need to instruct a lawyer to carry out additional work to ensure, for example, that the building permit is valid and that there are no hidden costs attached (e.g. shared community charges). Find more info Buy Real Estate in Europe.

Now let’s talk about a few real estate advices for sellers: List on all websites! Get your listing on Liveio, Zillow, Trulia, Westside Rentals, Redfin, Craisglist and VRBO, just to name a few. Most homebuyers do their own searching online before contacting a real estate agent, so it’s best to get seen early on. Remember that someone looking at Zillow isn’t necessarily looking at Trulia or Craigslist, too. Every website you get your listing on plants another seed of growth and possibility, so use as many as you can. Quick tip: Zillow and Trulia posts should be removed and uploaded again every week. Many people disagree with me, but I think it’s worth the hassle since most phone calls come in during the first two days of a listing. Zillow and Trulia work on time-sensitive platforms that keep the most recent listings at the top, which is where you want to be. The top listings are the ones people see and call about. Make sure to respond instantly to inquiries whenever you can.

Liveio is the new natural platform online to find the property of your dreams! A full scale real-estate and network that offer European-based housing of all sorts. The main intention with Liveio.com is to create a groundbreaking new way for sellers, buyers, agents, landlords and tenants to get in contact. By assembling all the market players in one room you’re able cut many of the time dragging procedures that you normally associate with real-estate deals. As a private user, you can create an account, chat with agents, search for homes in areas you want to live, participate in the Forum and post inspiration under Home design. All to find your next dream home. Source: www.liveio.com.