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Tadoba tiger park is an extraordinary travel location. If you want to observe various wildlife, to feel the fabulous smell of the forest, to relax in the wild , returning to human land roots. There are plenty of national parks in India, here is some info about them and especially on Tadoba National Park.

Gujarat offers even more for wildlife lovers. Little Rann Kutch’s harsh and inert landscape, consisting mostly of dry thorny scrub, is home to the last of the wild Indian bottoms. There are around 2000-3000 of these notoriously tainted creatures in the 5,000 square km Wild Ass Sanctuary. It is possible to go on a jeep safari to get them on the spot. However, they are known to run fast – an average of 50 kilometers per hour over long distances! If you are into Birds, add Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary for your trip. It is one of the few areas where the flamingo breeds in the wild in India. However, more than 200 types of birds can be found there to escape the cold winter in other parts of the country. See extra details at Tadoba safari.

Open jeep vehicles can be rented for safaris. Alternatively, it is possible to use your own vehicle. However, anyway, you will need to take a local forest guide with you. In addition, there is an additional entrance fee of 1000 rupees levied on private vehicles. Reflecting the growing popularity of the reserve, admission fees were sharply increased in October 2012 and then increased again in October 2013. The cost of hiring Gypsies has also increased. Revised rates are: Entry fee: Rs. 750 per helper and Rs. 1,500 per minibus, Monday to Friday. 1,000 rupees per helper and 2,000 rupees per minibus on weekends and holidays.

Must have for a Tadoba tour : A quality binocular (8 or 10 x 40/50), perhaps the most important accessory you have to have. Needless to say, you also need a camera, you know that very well. And not necessarily one like the one Alex has, you can aim even higher (and further, a good zoom is a heavenly hand) or you can have a compact, easy-to-carry but that does a good job, so many have appeared. variants lately. If you need help ask us and we will make some recommendations, depending on your needs and abilities! See extra details about https://tadoba-national-park-booking.com/.

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