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Signs you can be a sensitive personality type (HSP) : If you often get the strong urge to retreat and resort to solitude to soothe your senses or your stimulation levels, you could be sensitive. If you always pay attention to the details of everything and quickly notice changes in your environment, the chances are that you are more than just a sleuth. You could find yourself being sensitive down the road. HSPs take comfort in their routines, because the familiar is far less stimulating than something brand new. For this reason, change — both positive and negative — can really throw off HSPs. For example, when dating someone new or getting a job promotion, HSPs may feel as equally stressed as they do overjoyed. Generally, HSPs need more time than others to adjust to change.

Although there are many positive aspects of being a sensitive person (such as greater ability to listen and affirm, greater empathy and intuitiveness, better understanding of others’ wants and needs, etc.), in this writing we will focus on aspects of high sensitivity which adversely affect one’s health, happiness and success, and often complicate relationships. Below are 24 signs of a highly sensitive person, with excerpts from my books: “Are You Highly Sensitive? How to Gain Immunity, Peace, and Self-Mastery” and “How to Communicate Effectively with Highly Sensitive People”. These traits are organized into three major categories: Sensitivity About Oneself, Sensitivity About Others, and Sensitivity About One’s Environment.

Identifying your real feelings is an important first step in overcoming emotional sensitivity. Determine whether you are feeling disappointed, sad, angry, or something else. Once you have clearly labeled the emotion, you can begin to uncover the reasons you feel this way and what you can do about it.

Sensitivity isn’t just getting offended by a funny comment. It also includes sensitivity to other non-mental triggers. Some of the mentioned signs might seem a bit ridiculous. However, all of these signs are chosen based on research and experiments. So, brace yourselves! Extra info on Signs You Might be Sensitive.

The first step towards being less sensitive is to acknowledge your feelings. Introspect and try to figure out how exactly you’re feeling. Being able to put a label on your feelings reduces denial. Once you have acknowledged your feelings, try and understand why you feel that way. For example, you might be feeling depressed. Look back on events and find the source that has triggered that. Perhaps something at work, something a loved one said or maybe something as subtle as the weather. Unfulfilled expectations can lead to a feeling of frustration. Knowing the stressors can help you manage chaos better.

Category One: Sensitivity About Oneself. Tends to “beat oneself up” when falling short of own expectations. Is afraid of rejection, even in relatively minor situations.

Category Two: Sensitivity About Others. Often hides negative feelings, believing they are too strong, turbulent, embarrassing or vulnerable to share; keeps a lot of negative emotions inside.

Sensitive people are not boring, weird or abnormal people. They tend to be some of the most caring, loving, and sincere people, who are quite emotional and have strong instincts about everything. If you feel like you may be of this nature, you need to understand that, you have not done anything wrong or you are probably not the odd one out. You are quite normal like us all and you can relax. Yes, it is okay to be highly sensitive. It means your aware. Extra details on Relax sensitive.

For many highly sensitive people, the key to managing oversensitivity is to utilize emotional immunity and sensory immunity strategies, to calm and alleviate overstimulation. For those who live or work with highly sensitive individuals, effective communication skills are a must to foster positive and constructive relationships.

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11 04 19

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