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The island that never sleeps, is always sunny and the parties are going on non-stop. The holiday home of great DJs of the world and the perfect destination for those open-minded, those who love life no matter how abstract or unconventional her form is.

Everyone heard about Ibiza , the place you visit to sleep on the beach and to party at night. Mediterranean sunshine, beaches overflowing with revelers and interminable meetings were the main clubbing ‘activities leave “the party maniacs come to make acquaintance with the famous ibiziot phenomenon.

Beaches are everywhere. But parties and famous DJ’s every week ? Only in Ibiza.

So , as a young  adult male looking for some fun to Ibiza i went and oh boy it was fun and worth every penny.

Booking a fligh and making a reservation at one of the good looking hotels was easy, there are plenty of websites around giving you advices on that. I searched for Ibiza Hotels , easily found some nice ones, looked for who had promotions and booked a not so expensive room, in the end i could sleep in a tent (remember, party is 1st ) but i would rather have some energy for a full week!

Found Armin van Buren at Amnesia , Tiesto at Privilege and many more. Did you saw their video clips ? that’s exactly how it is, was a boom!

When it comes to food, seafood Ibiza is heaven! Is hardly prepared that does not derive from the family tasty shrimp, fish of all varieties or octopus! You can opt for salad, paella and even if they can not stand seafood, give the command fries and schnitzel! Do not forget to try the sangria recipe, I propose replacing local white wine champagne!

Heard afterwards that booking in groups will lower the hotel prices a lot, so next time i will gather some friends and go with a bigeer group, more party with less costs, who wouldn’t want that ?!

So the food is good, the one that makes the people live 100 years. There is sun all the time, it’s quiet in some plaes and wild in others.

My question is, are there better places to retire ? In my opinion, definitevly not!

You can compare Ibiza hotels prices and look for the cheapest flight prices on my party guide website (the one that i used initially for tips on how to party in Ibiza, shame on me), have fun!

P.S. Could not help myself to add one more picture, isn’t this place super cool ?