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Ido Keynan is a certified Israeli tour guide that, for the last 30 years, is guiding tourist groups around Israel. Ido Keynan is sharing knowledge of the holy land and the bible, mixing Israel tourism with the holy knowledge of the sacred Israel lands.

The holy land tour will allow you to visit the places Jesus has been, like the birthplace of Jesus (Bethlehem) , the house of Peter (Capernaum) , the way of grief (Via Dolorosa) or the place where Jesus was judged by Pontius (Antonia Fortress).

Ido Keynan is an unique Israeli travel guide because he provides something not many other offer : the chance to watch a complete tour via his Holy Land Tour video package which consists of 5 dvd with 29 videos.

Where can you go guided by Ido Keynan ?


Golan Heights is one of the most popular parts of the Holy Land, with scenic treasures and beautiful sites. Golan Heights is located along the northernmost point of Israel’s mountain region.


Located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum became known as the “town of Jesus” after he came to it from Nazareth. The first church on the site was constructed in the fifth century and has since been built over.


Caesarea National Park is a historic, famous archaeological site, built to play a part in Herod the Great’s plan to Hellenise the Holy Land in the first century. He laid out a classical Greek city, including a stadium and amphitheatre, on the small Phoenician port called Stratton’s Tower.


Once found, the galilee boat was restored and now sits in the Yigal Alon Center at Kubbutz Ginosar. Visitors can learn about the restoration process for the boat, where the boat, mainly consisting of oak and cedar, was patched with 12 kinds of woods. The trees from which the wood came still grow along the walkway leading to the museum.


The Dead Sea is located on the edge of the Judean Desert and has become an important place in desert tourism. Along the coastline, visitors can find fresh springs and a plethora of wild plant life.

The northwestern edge of the Dead Sea acts as a pilgrimage site for Christians who travel to the Holy Land, especially during Eastertime.

No tour is complete without a visit to the monasteries on the cliff walls. In the fourth century, many believers wanted to devote their lives to God, so they settled in the Judean Desert.


Jerusalem, the holy city. The holy city is a great place to celebrate biblical holidays with Jewish people in the Holy City – the celebrations of the Tabernacles, Passover and Pentecost.

In addition to travel guiding to all Israel tourist attractions, video previews of the holy tour or custom t-shirts i strongly invite you to check Ido Keynan website for a huge and complete overview of the amazing things you can visit in Israel.

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