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Every year there are some music producers that just go “BOOM”. Is 2018 Robert Berson’s year? Judging by the success of his managed artists it could very well be. Just watch him closely because there are a lot of signs pointing to a Robert Berson boom year! You can find out more about him on his website Robert Berson – Music Producer Los Angeles.

This Los Angeles based Massachusetts born music producer has played a fundamental part in the creation of many albums, such as: Yellowcards When Youre Through Thinking Say Yes (Acoustic), Ocean Avenue (Acoustic), Punk Goes Rock (Today Cover) and Punk Goes Chritmas (Christmas Lights Cover), Like Torches Keep Your Head High, We The Kings Just Keep Breathing and Find You There, Artist VS Poets among others. With over 20 years of experience in the ever expanding music industry (record production, engineering and song writing), as well as his extensive knowledge of musical equipment used yesterday and today, Robert manages to create the most diverse sound around.

He has worked with the following artists among others: Ryan Key, Cassadee Pope, Travis Clark (We The Kings), Jake Bundrick (Mayday Parade), Sara Mann, BB The Jerk, Rick Thorne, Still Standing, Justin Coppolino, Longineu Parsons II, Dan Lavery (Tonic, The Fray) Tiffany Houghton, Austin Carlile (Of Mice and Men) Tommy Cooperman (it Boys, Breathe Carolina) David Ryan Strauchman (Every Avenue) Liz Hill (Starling Glow), Alex DeLeon (The Cab) Cady Grooves,Nash Overstreet (Hot Chelle Rae), Joe Kirkland (The Voice, AVP) AJ Mclean, Ryan Cabrera, Sean Mackin (Yellowcard), Josh Kelley, Erik Kertes, Paul Doucette (Matchbox Twenty), Jeremy Renner, Edwin McCain, etc. Robert is known for his hard work ethic, positive attitude and respect for the artists vision. Many of his long term work relationships have turned into close friendships.

Robert Berson Management (RB Management) is a talent management company that started by connecting up and coming talent with established professionals. Leveraging Roberts reputation within the music industries he has recently become a full service management company with access to Radio, TV and Film.


Website : http://robertberson.com/
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 691012
Los Angeles, Ca 90069

Twitter: https://twitter.com/robertberson
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertberson/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robert.berson.7

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Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer companion Red Dead Online will launch later this month for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Take-Two revealed during an investors call (via PST).

The online mode will roll out in beta form as previously confirmed, although Take-Two didn’t provide any further details in the call. Still, at least we have an idea of when we’ll be able to saddle up for some multiplayer mayhem.

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Today Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), inventor of the Digimarc Discover? platform featuring the imperceptible Digimarc Barcode, announced the company has been recognized for driving innovative solutions into the retail sector. Digimarc is named by ABI Research as a Smart Retail Hot Tech Innovator for 2017. The company was also recognized in IEEE Spectrum for its intellectual property, ranking third for its patent portfolio in the computer software category behind only Microsoft and VMWare, and ahead of software powerhouses including Adobe, Citrix, Oracle, SAP and Symantec.

“Our vision is to enrich everyday living through our patented technologies and applications such as Digimarc Barcode,” said Bruce Davis, chief executive officer, Digimarc. “We have a long tradition of technology innovation and a computing platform that enables future application development and growth by our customers and partners. It’s gratifying to see this recognition of our industry-leading innovation.”

ABI Research identified solutions and innovative companies that are enabling a retail revolution. According to the firm, the selection criteria for “retail hot tech innovators” identified the companies that are the fastest growing in the retail technology industry based on the number of implementations internationally, and the amount of funds raised from capital investors that will continue to fuel their growth.

In “Patent Power 2017,” IEEE Spectrum reports on intellectual property from leading companies. Its Pipeline Power rating ranks patent portfolios by number of U.S. patents granted in the most recent full year (2016) and quality, as measured by statistical assessment of important qualities such as growth, impact, originality and general applicability.

Additional information about Digimarc Barcode can be viewed here.

About Digimarc
Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) is a pioneer in the automatic identification of everyday objects such as product packaging and virtually any media, including print, images and audio. Based on the patented Intuitive Computing Platform (ICPT), Digimarc provides innovative and comprehensive automatic recognition technologies to simplify search, and transform information discovery through unparalleled reliability, efficiency and security. Digimarc has a global patent portfolio, which includes over 1,100 granted and pending patents. These innovations include state-of-the-art identification technology, Digimarc Barcode, as well as Digimarc Discover? software for barcode scanning and more. Digimarc is based in Beaverton, Oregon, with technologies deployed by major retailers and consumer brands, central banks, U.S. states, film companies and professional sports franchises, among others. Visit digimarc.com and follow us @digimarc to learn more about The Barcode of EverythingT.

SOURCE Digimarc Corporation

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With more than one million students taking the SAT test each year and ever-increasing competition to get into the best universities, the stakes are high for preparing for college. The good news? As your family’s college checklist grows longer, you can take SAT prep off your list. Axilogy’s SAT test prep can help your teen navigate this big test with ease, earning impressive scores along the way.

When to skip a grade?

Students who are gifted and talented demonstrate, or have the potential to demonstrate, exceptionally high capability with respect to:

– an exceptional ability to learn, create or perform;
– well above average cognitive ability globally or within a specific domain (academic or non academic)

Giftedness may be evident in, but not limited to, the following domains PDF:

– Linguistic
– Logical-mathematical
– Spatial
– Musical
– Bodily-kinesthetic
– Interpersonal
– Intrapersonal
– Naturalistic
– Technological

Gifted and talented behaviours may be dynamic. They may also coexist with another exceptionality.

Does your upcoming MCAT Prep make you feel like a failure?

Our team of experts have been there, made many mistakes, did it wrong. However, it is these very experiences that allow us to save 1,200,000+ Hours of work for our students, boost MCAT scores, and instilled the belief that anyone can achieve any goal.

Origins at https://www.axilogy.com/mcat-tutoring/blog/.

Now obviously, we can’t transfer our everything we know directly into your brain. But our team of coaches, tutors, and consultants can put our collective experience at your disposal. Combined with what you know about MCAT preparation-we can develop a plan to dramatically reduce the time it takes to study and retain information…and overcome any tactical challenge you may be facing FAST.

To do’s:

1. Ensure that you have a sound sleep
2. Maintain a healthy diet and do light exercises every day
3. Don’t overuse your brain on a single thing

Other good info for LA students : Students in Los Angeles are much more hard-working than any other students because they have to deal with the daily traffic and manage to stay away from the beach and nice outdoor weather! They don’t study like a typical student. They, in fact, can go on to study for long hours without taking a break. So, if your final exam is knocking at the door, you should read this article. We have compiled the four best MCAT and premed study areas in Los Angeles. So, let’s take a look at these study places and find out which is best for you.

You can read more details here : SAT tutor You begin your journey to an ivy-league college with your application consult, Your coach helps create a plan and teaches you to use Axilogy’s high school planner. You receive daily feedback and fix issues in scores within the same hour. On the side, your coach assists with your coursework to ensure that your GPA is where it should be.

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Not unlike Palm Springs’ small hotels themselves, the Bistros of Palm Springs are also typically small, independently owned and operated businesses – cafes, bistros and restaurants – and are every bit as friendly and distinctive, and every bit as much offering something for everyone!

And the Owners and Managers of Small Hotels of Palm Springs member properties (aka SHoPS) probably know better than just about anyone which ones are consistently the Best Bets!

Featured BISTROS of Palm Springs
Distinctive Chef/Owner Operated Restaurants

Zin American Bistro (American Fusion) L D Beer & Wine
198 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 322 6300

Zini Cafe Med (Spanish Mediterranean) L D Bar
140 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 9464

Europa at the Villa Royale Inn (Continental) D Bar
1620 S. Indian Trail, 760 327 2314

Copley’s (American Fusion) D Bar
621 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 9555

Al dente Trattoria Toscana (Italian) L D Bar
491 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 1160

Pomme Frite (French-Belgian) D Bar
256 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 778 3727

Zini Café Med (Italian-Mediterranean) L D Bar
140 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 9464

Best Bets for BREAKFAST
Classic Ways to Start Your Day

Peabody’s Cafe (American) B L Bar
134 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 322 1877

Cheeky’s B L Beer & Wine
622 N Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 7595

Bit of Country (Greasy Spoon) B L
418 S. Indian Canyon Dr., 760 325 5145

Elmer’s (Pancake House) B L D Beer & Wine
1030 E. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 8419

Pinocchio Cafe (Euro-American) B L / D in season
134 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, 760 322 3776

Rick’s (American) B L
1973 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 416 0090

Best Bets for LUNCH
Most Serving Breakfast and/or Dinner Too

El Mirasol (Mexican) L D Bar
140 E. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 323 0721

Grill-A-Burger (Hamburgers) L D Bar
166 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 8175

Hamburger Mary’s (Hamburgers) L D Bar
415 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 778 6279

John’s (American) B L D
900 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 8522

Kaiser Grille (Pacific Rim Fusion) L D Bar
205 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 323 1003

Look (American) L D Bar
139 E. Andreas Rd., 760 778 3520

Manhattan in the Desert (Delicatessen) L D Beer & Wine
2665 E. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 322 3354

Maracas (Mexican) L D Bar
155 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 322 9654

Native Foods (Vegan-Vegetarian) L D
1775 E. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 416 0070

Ruby’s Diner (American) B L D Beer & Wine
155 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 416 0138

Sherman’s (Delicatessen) L D
401 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, 760 325 1199

Thai Smile (Thai Cuisine) L D Beer & Wine
651 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 320 5503

Tyler’s (Burgers) L
149 S. Indian Canyon Dr., 760 325 2990

Village Pub (International) L D Bar
266 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 323 3265

Best Bets for DINNER
Distinctive Little Cafes, Bistros & Fine Restaurants
Many Serving Breakfast and/or Lunch Too

Al dente Trattoria Toscana (Italian) L D Bar
491 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 1160

Azul (Tapas) L D Bar
369 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 5533

Blue Coyote Grill (Mexican & Southwest) L D Bar
445 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 1196

Chop House (Prime Chops Steaks Seafood) D Bar
262 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 320 4500

Citron at Viceroy Palm Springs (American Fusion) B L D Bar
415 S. Belardo Rd., 760 320 417

Copley’s on Palm Canyon (American Fusion) D Bar
621 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 9555

Davey’s Hideaway (American) D Bar
292 E. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 320 4480

Delhi Palace (Cuisine of Indian) L D Beer & Wine
1422 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 3411

Europa at the Villa Royale Inn (Continental) D Bar
1620 S. Indian Trail, 760 327 2314

The Falls (Prime Steakhouse & Martini Bar) D Bar
155 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 416 8664

Fisherman’s Market & Grill
& Shanghai Reds (Seafood & Oyster Bar) L D Bar
235 S. Indian Canyon Dr., 760 327 1766

Great Wall (Chinese) L D Bar
362 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 322 2209

Johannes (Cosmopolitan Cuisine) D Bar
196 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 778 0017

Johnny Costa’s (Italian) D Bar
440 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 4556

Kalura Trattoria Italiana (Italian) L D Bar
124 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 323 4748

Kiyosaku Sushi (Japanese) D Beer & Wine
1555 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 327 6601

Las Casuelas Terraza (Mexican) L D Bar
222 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 2794

Le Vallauris (French) L D Bar
385 W. Tahquitz Canyon Way, 760 325 5059

Matchbox (Vintage Pizza Bistro) D Bar
155 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 779 6000

Pomme Frite (French-Belgian) D Bar
256 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 778 3727

Purple Palm at Colony Palms Hotel (Mediterranean Inspired Cuisine using classic French techniques) B L D Bar
572 N Indian Canyon Dr., 760 969 1800

Roscoe Grill (Steak & Seafood) D Bar
701 W. Baristo Rd., 760 327 3446

Spencer’s at the Mountain (American) B L D Bar
701 W. Baristo Rd., 760 327 3446

TRIO (Modern Italian) D Bar
707 N. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 864 8746

Wang’s in the Desert (Asian Fusion) D Bar
424 S. Indian Canyon Dr., 760 325 9264

Wasabi Sushi (Japanese) L D Beer & Wine
333 S. Indian Canyon Dr., 760 416 7788

Zin American Bistro (American Fusion) D Beer & Wine
198 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 322 6300

Zini Café Med (Italian-Mediterranean) L D Bar
140 S. Palm Canyon Dr., 760 325 9464