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The game is all about right set of Wreckers business skills needed at the right time.! Get ready for the most amazing salvage business game where you can buy junk cars, trucks, vans, or any other moving parts of vehicles and test your business skills to become a real Magnate. Focus and play carefully! This is an amazing business strategy game.Decide on your business strategy to balance out your income and expenses. The Wrecking Yard economy game is really fun with thrilling sound effects and beautiful game graphics. Download the game and start your own Wrecking yard and be a Car Master.

Buy scrape vehicles, detach vehicle components, collect special items, sell vehicle components, repair, and press vehicles, craft new items! Read more details on JunkyardTycoon free to play auto mechanic games.

This simulation game is fun to me it needs work. Lots of work. When buying diamonds the price is $4.99 or $5.99 in US Currency. Its too expensive. Lower the price approximately $.99 US currency. The game needs troubleshooting/help in the game so people might know to do on their problems. When scraping cars it takes a while to remove the pieces of the car lower the time so the game might be more fun. When ordering a car it says 5 diamonds lower the price to 1 diamond or pay game money. When it says “wait” to order the car the sign should say “wait a while”. The price is 2 diamonds the price should be 1 diamond or $100 game money. If this game does all these subjects on this review people might play this game happy and play the game longer. Get it on Google Play : JunkyardTycoon.com best tycoon games.

Pretty cool overall. Took a little while to fully understand how all the different sites worked. Also difficult to get enough building materials to open the first couple of them too. Still fun even though a little repetitive.

The Concrete Factory is the building where you can produce concrete for the construction of the buildings. The building, which can be upgraded to the 10. level, increases the concrete production capacity every level. When Concrete Factory reaches the final level, if you have enough materials, you can start the production of 1000 concrete. Concrete Factory offers you 3 different machines and 6 different worker services for your concrete production. While machines determine the hourly production amount, employees provide bonuses such as shortening time or increasing efficiency.

Stockroom, which is one of the buildings built by the beginning, is a building that allows you to sell scrap vehicle parts after sparing them into pieces. At the first level of Stockroom, you can store up to 6 pieces of vehicles. Every time you increase the level of the building, you get 6 more vehicle storage space per level. While selling your car parts in this building, sales prices change every 4 seconds. For this reason, it is important to catch the price closest to the maximum sales price and try to earn more money than spent on the vehicle by selling the parts. For those who want to speed up their sales, or who don’t want to deal with tracking prices, there is an ‘Automatic Sell’ feature.

takes a little getting used to, once you get into it it becomes rather addicting. graphics are ok but it does the job. print is extremely small so if you got glasses you will probably need them. over all a great game. Get it on Apple Store : JunkyardTycoon.com best business simulation games.

Recently seen an ad fir this game and just had to try it . absolutely love it has to be one of the best ive played. I have it on both Android and ios because there are some difference between them. like the casino is not included in the iOS versions.

More buildings and vehicles : We can basically classify vehicles in Junkyard Tycoon into four categories. They are; cars, trucks, tractors and hero cars. Vehicles can be dismantled as their level on proper car ramps. You can obtain materials and illegal items also by shredding junk vehicles too. You will claim a certain number of scrap metals according to the level of pressed vehicles.

Hero Cars are the max-level vehicles in the Junkyard Tycoon World. Hero Cars, with more material, illegal items and more valuable car parts, can be located in max. level Vehicle Parks and can be dismantled on max. level Vehicle Raps. With being one of the advanced vehicle types, Hero Cars takes longer time to repair and dismantle. When max.-level vehicles pressed, you will obtain 8-10 pieces of Scrap Metal.

18 03 19

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