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When you work for an employer, irrespective of your occupation, he has a legal obligation under regulations laid down in various Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Acts to provide a safe environment for you to work in. His responsibilities include making a risk assessment of any job you are required to undertake, provide adequate training to enable you to do the job safely and ensure any tools or equipment that you use in the execution of the task are maintained to an appropriate standard.

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4 03 19

Health screening is important to everyone. It involves the use of tests, physical examinations or other procedures to detect disease early in people who look or feel well. This is different from diagnostic tests which are done when someone is already showing signs and/or symptoms of a disease.

Why should I go for health screening? Health screening helps you find out if you have a particular disease or condition even if you feel perfectly well, without any symptoms and/or signs of disease. Early detection, followed by treatment and good control of the condition can result in better outcomes, and lowers the risk of serious complications. It is therefore important to get yourself screened even if you feel perfectly healthy.

Going for a health checkup will determine the possible health risk about to befall you and a detailed information how you can distance yourself from them. Such checkups can raise an alarm where you never thought of having a problem, and also render a chance to do some more tests if need be.

For extra info on health screening clinics in London : about us. Health screening information HUB is the one stop knowledge base for all types of information in regard to all types of health screens in London. Health screening services are designed to cover all aspects of screening, from comprehensive to pregnancy and much more. Many clinics offer health screening on a walk-in and appointment basis.

There are many benefits that accrue to the individual person after undergoing a health screening such as: Health Information – By undergoing a health screening an individual will have that added benefit of knowing about his/her health condition. The individual might have a health problem that has not been detected yet. The test will capture such kind of problem and other more potential health risks.

The benefits that an organisation gets from having a health screening arrangement cannot be enumerated. Its workforce is so important that it makes a lot of sense to have ways and methods of detecting early sickness in employees. Some of the benefits are: Absence due to sickness reduced – Absence due to illness is something that every sensible manager should dread. This kind of absence is not planned and hence it causes a lot of disorganisation in an institution.