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The safety check record will contain details of any defect identified and remedial action taken. You must ensure that any safety defect is rectified (by a Gas Safe registered engineer) before the equipment is used again. It is recommended that you keep copies of work done to rectify defects identified by the safety check. It is an offence to use, or allow the use of, a gas appliance you know to be unsafe. In no circumstances should you reconnect an appliance that you have been told is unsafe, which either has been isolated or disconnected for safety reasons, until the fault has been rectified.

Only use an engineer who appears on the Gas Safe Register and who can show an identity card to prove it-to install, repair, and service gas appliances The Gas Safe Register is the official list of businesses and engineers who are competent and qualified to do gas work. To be listed on the register, engineers need to hold relevant qualifications and demonstrate competence. Registration must be renewed every year and qualifications updated every five years. The Gas Safe Register also conducts inspections of the work of registered engineers.

As an employer or person of responsibility, it is vital that you understand the obligations you have and how to comply with them. To help you achieve this, our trained Inspectors can carry out rigorous checks on your gas equipment and supply a Report of Thorough Examination, which provides written evidence that you are proactively following H&SE requirements, and a certificate will be issued when the equipment is compliant. See more details at https://www.weldingsuppliesdirect.co.uk/welding-equipment/cp7-cp47-gas-equipment-safety-inspections.html.

Generally, an appliance safety check will just ensure that the appliance is safe to use, whilst a service is more thorough and may include more specific checks as well as an inspection of the appliance’s condition and cleaning. A full gas installation safety check should include inspection of all gas appliances as well as all accessible pipework. Why are gas safety checks and services so important? Most importantly, having your gas appliances safety checked annually will give you peace of mind that they are not putting you, your family, or your home in danger, and that they are safe to use. There are other benefits of regular safety checks and services as well though.